Who is this lesson for?

This lesson focuses on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean.
We have a stack of fun on the way. You can do one lesson or 10 it is up to you as everyone is different. Our instructors are there to help you learn and provide advice on all questions related to surfing. As instructors we love our jobs. We hope that you will love surfing as much as we do

What’s Included?

  • All equipment including surfboard suited to your abilities. For beginners we use soft, stable surfboard which are easy to balance, paddle, stand & surf on
  • Wetsuits and rash vests
  • Professional and friendly surf instruction
  • Change rooms and showers
  • Storage for your valuables

Be warned it’s not as easy as the pros make it look. In fact, there’s an international comedian who states that it would be easier to eat handfuls of sand and drink a bucket of salt water!


Sessions Adults Children
1 Surf Lesson $60 $50
2 Surf lessons $100 $90
3 Surf lessons $150 $130
4 Surf lessons $180 $160
5 Surf lessons $220 $180

Lesson Times

9:00am 11:00am
11:00am 1:00pm
1:00pm 3:00pm
3:00 5:00pm
Winter Time
9:00am 11:00am
11:00am 1:00pm
2:00pm 4:00pm
4:00 6:00pm
Summer Time
9:00am 11:00am
11:30am 1:30pm
2:00pm 4:00pm
4:00 6:00pm

What to Bring

  • Bring a swimsuit & towel
  • Wear clothes suited to the weather on the day, and wear lots of sunscreen
  • Don’t forget a camera to document the fun you’ll have